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Jack Mbabuike

Physician at NYC Pain MD

Orthopaedic pain is managed by Dr. JeanJacques Mbabuike, who sees patients in the broader New York City area. Years of rigorous education and specialized training led to Dr. Mbabuike’s successful career. His life’s journey has been marked by self-control, a dogged work ethic, and a genuine concern for the individuals he meets daily. His professional perspective is based on the belief that helping patients is a privilege. He enjoys satisfying his patients’ needs for comfort and reassurance by offering care that reflects his high standards of education and experience. On top of that, Dr. Mbabuike is always looking for new ways to innovate in his field and is driven to develop and advance his methods. More than that, he is committed to sharing the wealth as he rises in his career by serving as a role model for the next generation of doctors, particularly for Black male doctors, who are still in short supply.

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